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New Program "Home Savings"


As it is already known, the program provides up to 70% subsidies, depending on income and family status, for energy saving investments while for the remainder there is the possibility (but not the obligation) of interest-free bank loan.

 The new program may include detached houses, apartment buildings and individual apartments with a building permit or other legal document.

- A home is eligible if it is used as the principal, legally exists, is not arbitrary and has been classified under the First Energy Audit Certificate of Performance (A PEA) in a category of less than or equal to D.

Interventions eligible for funding include the following categories:

  1. Replacement of frames.
  2. Installation of shading systems.
  3. Placement of insulation in the building shell including the flat-roof / roof and the pilot.
  4. Upgrade heating system.
  5. Upgrade hot water supply system.